Achievements and Experiences.

Matu Ram Art Center makes a new achievement which become a milestone for others.

Some of the Many Achievement which we made are:


  • Constructing the Famous Statue of Unity in Gujarat
  • Statue of Lord Shiva of Height 121 ft at Sur Sagar Lake, Baroda, Gujarat.
  • Lord Shiva of 131 ft at Bissau, Rajasthan, India.
  • 108 ft Hanumanji at the altitude of 8500 ft. Jakhu Temple, Shimla (Nominated for Guinness book of world records).
  • Statue of Lord Buddha of height 121 ft at Namchi Sikkim.
  • Towering Statues of Gods and Goddess from height ranging 20ft to 101 ft) designed and constructed in Several States of India.
  • Statue of Lord Ganesha at Talegaon, Pune of height 72 ft for our Patron Syt. B.K. Birlaji.
  • Designed and Constructed war memorial at Hussaniwala - Firozpur, Punjab for Indian army.
  • Designed and Constructed war memorial for Indian army at Patiala, Punjab.
  • Designed and conceptualized landscapes for various hotels and theme parks across the country.


  • Designed and Constructed statue of Lord Shiva (Mangal Mahadev) of height 108 ft for Govt Of Mauritius.
  • 108 ft Maa Durga at Mauritius.
  • Giant Figure of Lord Shiva of Height 101 ft at Kathmandu, Nepal.


Matu Ram Art Center is now globally recognised for their marvelous work in the field of towering structures and various arts and crafts Globally .

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